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A real connection is more importantthan ever

Every day I experience how important it is for fans to be truly connected to their favorite artist. They love the feeling of having a genuine relationship. They want to be seen and heard. Especially by someone who they admire. A small gesture from an artist can deliver an experience that fans will remember for the rest of their life. 


Artists have a superpower: with the smallest gesture they can create a meaningful moment and connection can empower fans to become superfans and loyalists for life. That’s truly beautiful and for me, helping create those moments is why I've started, “The fan manager.” Creating a community app with Honeycommb is an incredible way to gather all fans together in one safe place. A home for each other, and a home that becomes a part of their identity as a fan club. 


- Jelske van Dooren

"The fan manager"


It's all about connecting

Create a safe invironment for your fans to come together and connect with you and each other.


A digital community

Create your own social platform with an app that provides all the technological experiences for your fans. 


Taking care of fans

Let The fanmanager take care of your community and help you create a true connection with your fans.


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